Funniest Blogs for Brownback post yet

We’ve had fun reading blogs 4 Brownback with their recent rejection of heliocentrism based on biblical literalism. Their science tag is a real joy to read including the aerospace conspiracy, their love of the science fair stalactite experiment that PZ trashed so thoroughly, and of course their hilarious rejection of “helioleftism.

I’ve subscribed to their feed and really, I love it better than fafblog. This is just the best satire I’ve ever seen.

Today really took the cake though. Here’s their latest justification for rejection of Mitt Romney:

He makes himself out to be a family values kind of guy, but if you look at the name of his pet, you’ll see that 60s hippie values still have a strong hold on him: his dog, who recently passed away, was named Marley. As in Bob Marley. As in pot-smoking, America-hating, Jamaican radical.

No offense to anyone who likes Bob Marley’s music. I like the songs No Woman, No Cry and Jammin’. But it’s one thing to listen to a man’s songs on the radio and quite another to endorse his values by naming a pet after him.

This ought to be the final nail in the coffin of Romney’s supposed appeal to social conservatives. There’s not many of us who worship “Ja” or entertain crazed conspiracy theories about the CIA.

I was rolling. This is the best site ever.


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  1. Brian Thompson

    Is that a joke website? Some of the comments in the blogs reminded me of landover baptist.

  2. Russell’s Law
    “It Is Impossible To Distinguish A Creationist From A Parody Of A Creationist”

  3. Russell, eh? I’ve always learned it as Poe’s Law: “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing… having seen similar REAL ideas from real religious/political Fundamentalists.”

  4. Despard

    Poe’s Law from

  5. I vote for satire. The wingnuttery is too self aware.

  6. It took me a while to agree, I was having Poe’s law problems too, an the way they write in their comments is extraordinary. Sisyphus is like an internal troll, going ape at anyone who criticizes him in this fanatical manner.

    They’re so consistently straight-faced about it that it’s really hard to tell. But ultimately, I simply am too much of an optimist to believe that any human being would write this sentence – “it’s one thing to listen to a man’s songs on the radio and quite another to endorse his values by naming a pet after him” – without it being a joke.

    Put it this way – if it isn’t satire, humanity is doomed. Therefore, I choose satire.

  7. The argument from consequences, eh? Or is it the anthropic principle: if it isn’t satire, then we would have died out long ago?

    I agree, though, based on:

    “The Iranian people clearly like nothing better than to burn the American flag, spit on it, and burn the ashes again. Time after time, we see this behavior on television and in the media. If one didn’t know better, one might think such activities were taking place on a college campus; but generally speaking, the moonbats who stoop to this sort of behavior do not don traditional Islamist garb.”

  8. bad Jim

    Dammit, I had a dog named Marley, a sweet, elderly German Shepherd. We got her when her original owners died. I doubt that they were Wailers fans.

    The names of my family’s dogs may not exhibit a respectably Republican sensibility: Bark, Brunhilda, Guru, Yeti, Osa. And Perro the cat.

  9. I’m still too cynical to believe it’s a satire. I sure as hell hope it is, but I mean for crying out loud these people came all the way to MY pathetically small site to ramble about Brownback. If that isn’t sincerity, that’s a satire that’s way beyond the point of being too damn good.

  10. llewelly

    MarkH, by your logic, the bible is satire.

  11. Most compelling evidence that this is satire: the good grammar and coherent writing. Anyone who actually believed the ideas espoused on that blog would be overwhelmingly likely to write according the the Time Cube guy’s style manual.

  12. Pieter B

    Marley? As in, perhaps, Jacob Marley?

    Perro the cat is a bit of a giggle, too.

  13. MiddleMan

    Check for a compilation of B4B’s most shocking and amusing quotes (check their quotes about women and refrigerators!)

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