Well it only took one day

And Cordova has used the conflict between molecular and fossil data to attack evolution.

Sigh. To busy to write about everything wrong with this. Go ahead and use this as an open thread to mock Cordova for being a predictable, quote-mining, dishonest creep. Also note, in line with perfect crank behavior, they’re still harping about junk DNA, and the findings in marsupials that they still don’t understand.

5 thoughts on “Well it only took one day”

  1. Ive read a couple of the marsupial papers. The one on transposable elements is friggen sweet (over half the short-tailed possum genome is transposable elements! ridiculous!). They also have a weird T-cell receptor (half TCR, half Ig!) unique to marsupials as a result of a retrotransposition. All wonderful examples of common descent and evolutions ability to create novel stuff out of whatever it has hanging around the genome.

    As far as the molecular clock thing– I mean, thats not new. Admittedly Im not an expert on this (eh, viruses dont exactly have ‘fossils’), but from what I understand you always have to calibrate your molecular clock to the fossil record. I just read about this in primates not too long ago… hmm gonna have to paper hunt…

  2. Clearly Oppossums are designed, because they look a lot like Mr.ID Bill Dembski,and as any ID fan KNOWS, if it LOOKS designed, then it WAS designed! They both have the same close-set, shifty eyes, the same dumb look, the same long, naked, ugly tail…

    re: Another UD Mocking Thread – Plenty O’ Room under The Big Tent!

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