What’s more annoying, creationists or vegans?

An art teacher has been “removed from the classroom” for proselytizing to his students about his vegan lifestyle. Apparently after being born-again into veganism, he wouldn’t stop talking to kids about living “cruelty-free” during class. The kicker? He now wants to charge the school district with child endangerment for encouraging them to drink milk.

Dave Warwak, 44, also said he plans to ask the McHenry County state’s attorney to file child-endangerment charges against the school district because the school continues to promote milk and other animal products as part of a healthy diet.

Warwak said he was not fired or suspended during a meeting Monday with school officials and representatives of Fox River Grove District 3. But he said he is not returning to class.

Of particular concern to him, he said, are posters in the school cafeteria that promote milk. …

“I can’t really see working there as long as those milk posters are up and they keep feeding poison to the kids,” said Warwak of Williams Bay, Wis., who said he began his vegan lifestyle in January.

Sounds like a win win solution there. He quits, and the kids keep drinking milk (as recommended by the the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine). One also wonders where these cruelty-free farms are that are growing food without pesticides (even organic farming uses pesticides – just a different “approved” set), combines, processing, shipping, rodent control, dumping millions of freeze dried bugs on crops etc.

Either way, I wouldn’t miss yet another zealot, proselytizing their nonsense in an inappropriate venue. And who thinks this is just as inappropriate as a creationist or any other religious zealot using class time to try to indoctrinate kids into their unscientific worldview?