Who Steals a Kindergarten Bunny?

I have trouble believing this, but animal rights extremists have apparently stolen a kindergarten bunny.

Students at the Community Building Children’s Center arrived at their downtown preschool Monday morning to discover that their pet rabbit Sugar Bunny had been kidnapped over the weekend. Teachers found anti-circus flyers in his hutch.

“Somebody stoled him,” said five-year-old Zion. “I’m sad.”

How do they know it was them? Apparently they left their calling card – anti-circus literature:

The half-dozen flyers left behind advertised protests against the Ringling Brothers Circus, which was in town Sept. 20-23. The flyers showed a picture of a forlorn-looking bear, trying to escape underneath the bars of its cage. Animal rights groups PETA and the Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) were listed along the bottom.

I can just imagine the liberation of this 8-year-old, probably overweight, pet-bred bunny into the wild. What do you guys think the survival time would be? 2 hours? 4? Morons. I wonder how could anyone be so stupid, but then I realize, oh yeah, it’s animal rights extremists.