Preying on the fears of pregnant women

Here’s some woo for you. Via Gizmodo we hear about this wonderful new waste of money, Mummywraps. Designed to protect your baby from “electro-smog”, the non-existent threat of electromagnetic waves from radio and cell phone sources (that we have been exposed to constantly for decades with no discernible effect), these copper “Swiss Shield” garments will be sure to be a profitable waste of money ($70) for thousands of paranoid parents.

Ben Goldacre I think has been on the forefront of challenging this new electrosmog woo, so there is very little to add. But it is simply shameful how people are willing to exploit the well-intentioned paranoia of expectant mothers about the health of their fetuses with such nonsense. I’m never surprised of course, but always disappointed.

Of course if you would like to make a few million dollars I can highly recommend imagining something new for people with children to be afraid of, and then convincing them only your product can protect them. My product idea is a special tinfoil hat, designed to block cosmic rays from penetrating your body and mutating your precious offspring.