Faith Healing Trips…Funded by an Insurance Company

John W. Miller reports in the Wall Street Journal about an unusual, insurance company funded program that brings many to Lourdes:

In an unusual scheme, [VGZ] the Dutch company spends about $280,000 a year to fly 600 of its sickest and most disabled clients to Lourdes. The company doesn’t expect the Virgin Mary to intercede. It hopes for a different sort of miracle.

“Lourdes leads people to compassion and friendship,” says Johan Rozendaal, a VGZ board member. “They remember what it’s like to have somebody really care about them.”

It’s difficult to quote from this article, because it’s mainly a human interest story, and it’s quite touching. It’s about a man who was disabled in his teenage years, who dreams of regaining his vision through a trip to Lourdes, but in the end, the trip helps him face the fact that he won’t see again.