Cults make you stupid

You don’t have to be stupid to join a cult (although it helps), but once you’re in…

You see, PZ went to see Expelled
. With some friends. No one of note really, just THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS ATHEIST!!!111!

And which one got tossed at the door? Take that, Dawkins! We grow good atheists right here in the Midwest!

But really, it’s not just the funniest thing to happen in Minnesota since lutefisk. It shows how cults make you dumb. They discourage independent thought. Followers get their marching orders and, well, march without question. God forbid (irony intended) that you should exercise your own mind and say, “Maybe the Dear Leaders wanted all famous atheists out, not just one.”

I do wonder about the Rent-a-Cops at the theater. Do the theater owners just throw out everyone they’re asked to? What was it about PZ? What if the KKK had rented out the theater for some white supremicist movie? Would they throw Abe Foxman or Jesse Jackson out?

Not that arbitrarily tossing some professor out of a movie based on his religious beliefs (OK, lack of them) is the same as tossing out the head of the Anti-Defamation League or a prominent African-American leader.

Or is it?