Red Pines

GrrlScientist inspired me to upload some of my Up North pics.

Red pine groves on granite outcrops are a characteristic feature of Algonquin Park.

Red Pines have reddish bark which flakes off in thin scales.

Their needles come in groups of two.


  1. nice!

    i originally was interesting the artistic qualities of the bark itself and only later realized that i should have been photographing leaves and the entire tree as well as snapping close-ups of its bark all along ..

  2. I like learning the detail about red pine needles coming in groups of two. Here in eastern Massachusetts, our white pines (the only native species, I believe) have needles in groups of five. A mnemonic for this is: 5 needles in a bunch, 5 letters in the word “white,” so 5 needles=white pine.

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