Carnivalia, blog business, etc.

Carnival of the Liberals is up at Capitol Annex

Skeptics’ Circle 101 is up at Ionian Enchantment.

You may have noticed the Friend Feed widget on the sidebar. I’ve added this as a sort of “mini-blog”, where we can post brief links or stories. I’d say it’s just out of beta at this point, but it seems to be working out. I’ll probably post links and carnivals there from now on.

You may also have noticed the HONcode badge on the left sidebar. We receive our HONcode certification several weeks ago. We do our best to comply with the HONcode principles, which you can read about on their website. Basically, HON is an international organization to help ensure quality of online medical resources. They do not screen for content as such, but ask sites to adhere to certain principles, and they are generally pretty assertive about the certification process (it’s unclear how good they are about de-certifiying sites that violate the principles).

Have a great weekend!