Who Peruses Playgirl?

All this excitement about Levi Johnston in Playgirl Magazine is pretty interesting. We have the forthcoming tell-all book about Sarah Palin and fam, and the author posing naked.

And who reads Playgirl anyway? It occurred to me this morning that we could get some idea from looking at the magazine’s datacard, which at least would tell us something about subscribers.

i-259bacd7153a8aac9e047740f7c03e87-Screen shot 2009-11-08 at 1.55.33 PM.png

So, not that many subscribers. Not much of a surprise. And over 30% male…not much of a surprise. And only 230 from Canada! Could you imagine having a dinner party for the Canadian subscribers to Playgirl magazine? That might be an interesting crowd.

3 thoughts on “Who Peruses Playgirl?”

  1. I couldn’t get down to the data. My brain froze when I read the phrase “the most unique magazine of its kind.”

  2. Seeing PLAYGIRL advertise at a local gay parade recently, helped confirm what I suspected ever since the magazine first came out, that it would be bought and appreciated by mostly gay men, and that it could not survive without them. Back then I didn’t feel women have an equivalent physical and sexual attraction for men, and that most of them had no interest in looking at men’s genitals, or were never sexually turned on by such images. I still don’t think there is enough interest out there even today among women to keep even one such nudie male magazine afloat.

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