More Examples of Right Wing Stupidity/Racism

Lot’s of blogging hay was made over the conservatives = stupid and racist article two weeks ago, but it seems like since that was published they’re going out of their way to provide supporting evidence. Between reincarnating a 40 year old dead argument about whether or not women should be able to have birth control, and pretty unbelievably racist stunts at CPAC, even the wingers at little green footballs are shaking their heads and asking, what the hell is going on. For instance, some white republicans thought it would be a good idea to put on a rap show and throw around the N-word. No, I’m not kidding. Conservatives still think a bad rap parody is somehow edgy.

Even if they’re saying “knickers”, which is BS, it’s still a wink and a nudge saying, “you know what we really think of black people.”
And who missed Andrew Breitbart acting so crazy he made the Occupy protesters look good:

Now that’s what Occupy needs, just invite Breitbart to your protests and people will think you’re positively angelic next to that wackjob.
Then we’ve got the bizarre response to the Fox News article on Whitney Houston’s death. The thread is totally overrun with racist comments, for the highlights see Little green footballs list of gems.
Now, comments on blogs are usually nothing you can judge a blog by, I’ve had some doozies here. But the sheer number and the unbelievable bigotry of the the Fox News commentariat is mind-boggling. I will not reproduce them here, but think of the ugliest racist thing you can say about Whitney Houston, then make it 100% worse and repeat it 50 times, generalize it to all black people and then include Obama. That’s the comment thread.
What is going on here? I feel like I’ve done a reverse Rip Van Winkle and woken up in Mississippi in the 1950s.

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  1. Here from Europe, the correlation looks sound. But what about causation? Do conservatives tend to become stupid? Or do stupid people tend to become conservatives?

  2. Tony Mach @ 1:

    Do conservatives tend to become stupid? Or do stupid people tend to become conservatives?

    John Stuart Mill, in a Parliamentary debate with the Conservative MP, John Pakington (May 31, 1866):

    I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle that I hardly think any gentleman will deny it.

    Ref –

  3. So what is a Conservative exactly? Rick Perry?
    My coworker who is moderate, but has a number of views that come under the “conservative” umbrella? Opinions where he would happily tell you about the logical path he took to them.
    The latter is the sort of people who you are going to drive away with this childish name calling no matter how much you try to tart it up as alleged science.

  4. The Republican Party is in an out of control spiral right now. They had nearly 30 years of dominance in US political thought (2 presidents and 3 terms between 1970 and 2000), and now that the pendulum is starting to swing away, they are panicking. By going too far to the right, they are sending the middle to the left, which is ironically causing the Republican party heads to decide they need to be EVEN MORE right-wing because, clearly, the reason people voted for Obama is that the Republicans weren’t right-wing enough already. The result is a party obsessed with ideological purity and focusing on it’s own craziest element, which does nothing but drive more people out, which leaves the people most obsessed with purity and it’s own craziest element, which drives more people out…

  5. The obvious answer is that it’s rapidly getting much harder to pretend that it’s still a white-bread country where just having a shortage of melanin and X chromosomes automatically got you more than half-way there.

  6. Note sure what secular depressives would be doing watching CPAC for in the first place. I guess there are spies in the ranks of every army.
    I live in Mississippi. Believe me, if you have not lived here, don’t knock it. There are untrue rumors about mississippi and modern day racism. Remember that racism and hatred can go both ways and made up personalities are a real thing. Ever hear of ebonics? No? Visit Mississippi and you’ll be ready to smack someone in less than five minutes guarunteed.

  7. “Visit Mississippi and you’ll be ready to smack someone in less than five minutes guarunteed”
    Your post is certainly strong proof of that assertion, but probably not in the way you meant.

  8. “Meandering Peasant” aka Rob Hood @ 6:

    Note sure what secular depressives would be doing watching CPAC for in the first place.

    Hiya Rob! Stretching your legs a bit by leaving Greg Laden or Orac’s place? It’s almost a shame that you can’t seem to avoid giving your identity away with your catch phrases.
    Now tell us all about the dangers of “flouride” or HAARP, Rob! And see if you can’t work in a YEC or Canada-phobic bit as well!

  9. What is a yec? Is that a long lost cousin to a yak?
    I see the NJ the flouride overdosed canadian is back. She is my new stalker it seems. Oh well. I could use the excitement.
    NJ if you ever get a colonoscopy I hope the doctor slips and sticks the scope all the way to your uvula and then gets it hung there. Then again being a secular depressive and being wired backwards your uvula may actually be in your butthole.
    Excuse NJ folks, she is my stalker, but a silly and harmless one. Ever once in a while I have to put her back in her cage and teach her a few new tricks.

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