4 thoughts on “Matt's Response On Gun Control part I”

  1. The NY laws that just passed are potentially newsworthy as well. Their approach is… unorthodox. Ban guns that weigh too much, you can have 10-round magazines made before the ban but you can’t load them past 7 rounds(?!), etc.
    Looks like the president’s recommendations are about as expected. Nothing too dramatic on the executive order front, and recommending an AWB in congress.

  2. Yes, those calling tyranny, and impeachment over the executive order stuff were just being hysterical cranks as usual. The executive orders were pretty benign, and mostly just common sense stuff that I can’t believe we weren’t doing already.

  3. Someone suggested that what he *should* have mandated was real research, by the CDC, or the like, to do actual research on gun violence. Right now.. We have what statistics we can get from the police, which are not always very helpful, statistics some agencies are not even allowed to collect, never mind analyze, and various claims made by the NRA, based of of cherry picking what we do have (while undermining efforts to collect better data), to support some of their contentions.
    Its always **highly** suspicious when the very people claiming that a problem doesn’t exist are also engaged in making sure no one can verify that assumption (and/or in helping promote research that wanders off in other directions, like “video game violence” studies, instead)…
    The stupidest thing, of course is that, if you really get down to it, the only reason such games could be seen as a huge problem is, precisely, because a lot of them center around using a real world, readily accessible, item, to magically solve problems, usually without consequences. And, you know, gun people themselves would never make the silly claim that possessing such a thing can a) solve problems, without b) real consequences, or c) any serious, and unexpected problems…. Nope, it makes way more sense to suggest that a teacher pull a renamed M-16 out of their desk, to prevent children from being shot, than to play a game in which you have to fight your way past zombies, using a stray pipe, until you find a barely working revolver, so you don’t have to fight them at close range.
    The latter is just *completely* absurd, and leads to violent nutcases, while the former, is just perfectly sane!

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