Al Jazeera’s conspiracy-mongering

Has anyone else seen that Al Jazeera’s mainpage has a section devoted to conspiracy theories? It prominently features 9/11 conspiracy garbage about WTC7 which has been debunked.

This is something that is neglected about 9/11 conspiracy mongering. When 9/11 denialists like William Rodriguez encourage anti-American sentiments in foreign countries by suggesting Islamic radicals weren’t behind the attacks it doesn’t do anyone any good. I’m not supportive of the US occupation of Iraq, but that doesn’t mean that we should allow the religious radicals that attacked us off the hook. It is possible to be against the Iraq war without suggesting we ignore who actually attacked our country. Sadly, many prominent anti-war activists, including Cindy Sheehan now, are supporting 9/11 truthiness. Religious radicalism should not be given a pass for the murders that occurred in the name of opposing the war, or else we risk never confronting the real obstacles to peace in the world.

**Update** A clarification. A sharp commenter has pointed out that Al Jazeera magazine should not be confused with the satellite channel Al-Jazeera They are independent companies. I think I’ll go email Jeff Goldberg at Slate about this as well who made the same mistake as I did, not being a regular reader of AlJazeera. reads like 9/11 conspiracy site, while is considered a legitimate journalistic enterprise. Despite this confusion I think the point remains the same. The consequence of blaming 9/11 on Bush does have the effect of giving religious madmen a pass for the attacks.

Speaking of 9/11

You know the most obnoxious thing about 9/11 conspiracy theorists? They make idiots like Jonah Goldberg look right about something.

Goldberg, who as far as I can tell has never made an accurate prediction, finally has figured out a great way to make Democrats look bad rather than just embarrass himself and the Republicans. He writes for the LA Times “Just How Crazy are the Dems?”, and sadly, he’s got a point. The Democrats, their candidates, and sites like Daily Kos have failed miserably to quash support for conspiratorial thinking about 9/11. And it makes them look, really, really bad.
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