Category: 9/11 Conspiracies

  • Is Michael Moore headed for 9/11 Troof?

    The troofers seem to think so and based on the interview they have a video of after a screening they may be right.

  • 9/11 with office supplies

    You remember when that creationist thought a can of peanut butter disproved evolution? If you thought that was funny, you got to start watching some troofer videos. Screw Loose Change found this wonderful entry: I realize this is low hanging fruit. But it was too funny to ignore.

  • Al Jazeera’s conspiracy-mongering

    Has anyone else seen that Al Jazeera’s mainpage has a section devoted to conspiracy theories? It prominently features 9/11 conspiracy garbage about WTC7 which has been debunked. This is something that is neglected about 9/11 conspiracy mongering. When 9/11 denialists like William Rodriguez encourage anti-American sentiments in foreign countries by suggesting Islamic radicals weren’t behind…

  • Speaking of 9/11

    You know the most obnoxious thing about 9/11 conspiracy theorists? They make idiots like Jonah Goldberg look right about something. Goldberg, who as far as I can tell has never made an accurate prediction, finally has figured out a great way to make Democrats look bad rather than just embarrass himself and the Republicans. He…