Breast Cancer Crankery From Mike Adams

The latest crankery from Adams is the evil male-chauvinist conspiracy to perpetuate breast cancer for fun and profit being led by none other than those dastardly villains of the American Cancer Society. With his stunning report and links to the thinkbeforeyoupink campaign, he rails against the ribbons that are a “symbol of male-dominated control over women”, and exposes the insidious lies of those who spend their lives looking for cures for this deadly disease.

In this report, you’ll learn how the cancer industry — which is dominated by powerful men — uses the same tactics today to control women while pretending to serve them. You’ll learn truly shocking information about how the cancer industry exploits women’s bodies to generate profits for pharmaceutical companies while systematically denying those same women access to information that could teach them how to avoid breast cancer (and other cancers) in the first place. A single nutrient, for example, has been shown to prevent 77 percent of all cancers, and yet the cancer industry — including top cancer non-profits — refuse to recommend this nutrient.

And unlike virtually every major cancer group in existence today (with a few exceptions that will be noted later), this report was not funded by a pharmaceutical company. That’s why it tells you the truth about an industry that prioritizes profits over public health — an industry that works hard to keep women ignorant about the real solutions to breast cancer (cancer-free women are no longer revenue-generating patients for cancer drug manufacturers.)

Adams truly has a sick and warped mind, and this report is yet more evidence that the altie-med movement isn’t satisfied pushing their ineffective pharmaceuticals, they also must denigrate evidence-based medicine and scare people away from potentially life-saving treatments.
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Mike Adams branches out into TB denial?

In a scathing attack on what he calls “gunpoint medicine”, Mike Adams attacks the medical establishment for their supposed ability to imprison patients, force treatments on people against their will and generally be very very evil.

Health officials in Lawrenceville, Georgia have arrested and jailed Francisco Santos, a teenager who tried to walk out of a hospital and go home after being diagnosed with TB (tuberculosis). Instead of allowing him to leave the hospital, health authorities arrested and jailed the teen, throwing him in into a 15 x 20 foot isolation chamber and not allowing him to leave until he submitted to chemical treatments pushed by doctors at the hospital. Francisco is being described as “…a threat to public safety” due to his tuberculosis.

Francisco’s plight is the latest episode in a growing number of “gunpoint medicine” episodes where individuals are being arrested at gunpoint and thrown into jails or detainment centers until they submit to treatment with pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

His recommendation? Don’t see a doctor!

As these cases of Gunpoint Medicine clearly demonstrate, you now surrender your rights when you walk into a hospital. You are not a patient; you are a prisoner. And if the medical authorities, in their own opinion, perceive you as resisting their authority, they can have you arrested on the spot, without a court order, without a trial, and even when you pose no threat to others (such as having cancer). These medical arrests are taking place in clear violation of both the Fourth Amendment (protection from unreasonable search and seizure) and Fifth Amendment (due process) of the U.S. Bill of Rights.

More crankery below the fold.

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Mike Adams Demands the Media Stop Lying About Vitamins (then lies about vitamins)

I can’t resist, Adams thinks he has a real winner with this study’s null results on vitamin C & E. As we’ve shown, Newstarget’s claims of the medical benefits shown in this study reflect, a poor understanding of p values, and a willingness to ignore data showing increased risks from beta-carotene. However, convinced of an AMA conspiracy against natural substances by the disease-mongering and drug loving media, he continues to misrepresent the findings of the study.

Today, NewsTarget announces a grassroots action campaign to demand retractions, corrections or clarifications from major media outlets — Fox News, ABC News, CNN, Reuters, WebMD and more — all of which printed incorrect, incomplete or misleading statements concerning the results of an antioxidant study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The study clearly showed that women who took vitamins E and C experienced a statistically significant and rather remarkable reduction in risk of heart attacks (22 percent reduction), strokes (31 percent reduction) and other cardiovascular events.

I’ll remind you, the p values on those three events were 0.11, 0.04 (actually significant) and 0.55 (9% decrease in overall CVD events is what he’s alluding too) respectively. Also remember they showed a 48% increased risk of cardiovascular mortality [p=0.02] with beta-carotene, a finding that Adams and Newstarget have happily ignored or misrepresented in each article. While crying foul the media hasn’t even read the study, he makes it clear he hasn’t read (or understood) the study.

So, hooray for Mike Adams! Fight the good fight! Demand the media stop reporting the authors findings and instead report your misrepresentations!

How Alties read science (p values matter)

I couldn’t make it a week without talking again about Newstarget, home of Altie-med uber-crank Mike Adams. This time, they caught my eye with a surprising read of this large study of the antioxidant vitamins C and E. Jack Challem, writing for Newstarget, tells us the good, but hidden, news from this study.

When Cook and her colleagues analyzed data from people who consistently took their supplements, they found these specific benefits:

Vitamin E led to a 22 percent reduction in the risk of heart attack.

Vitamin E led to a 27 percent less risk of stroke.

Vitamin E led to a 9 percent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin E led to a 23 percent lower combined risk of heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular-related death.

Vitamin E and vitamin C together lowered the risk of stroke by 31 percent.

Now this is surprising given the latest meta-analysis which actually showed little benefit from supplementation (and possibly some harm). But after all, a big trial like this will often be better than retrospective analysis of several small studies. However, I was shocked, shocked, to find the authors at Newstarget may have exaggerated the findings.
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