The editors of PLoS should read PLoS

ResearchBlogging.orgWhat do this cartoon and the latest edition of PLoS One have in common? Well, reading Bora’s blog this week I saw an article entitled, Risks for Central Nervous System Diseases among Mobile Phone Subscribers: A Danish Retrospective Cohort Study and my ears perked up. We have been mocking the idea that cell phones cause everything from brain cancer to colony collapse disorder and it’s always fun to see what cell phones are being blamed for based on weak associations and correlations.

In this article the authors identified more than four hundred thousand cell phone subscribers and linked their cell phone use to their medical records in the Danish Hospital Discharge Registry which has collected records of hospitalizations since 1977. They then tried to identify an association between cell phone use and various CNS disorders over the last few decades. These disorders include epilepsy, ALS, vertigo, migraines, MS, Parkinsons and dementia, a broad spectrum of diseases with a variety of pathologies and causes. Basically, they’re fishing. Well, what did they find?
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