Never forget 4-29

How will we ever know the truth about 4-29. I say, it was a conspiracy to undermine 9-11 truth to show that fuel from a tanker truck could actually melt steel and cause a freeway to collapse. Initial photos from the site raise lots of questions.


And if you visit the 9/11 truth site 9/11 blogger, they’ve already gathered evidence this was all a hoax and has nothing to do with the physics of combustion. Clearly, no real authority doubts that steel can’t be melted by fire, and 4-29 should do nothing to change your mind about this clear fact.

Now, luckily, 4-29 truth has been created to address this latest conspiracy to discredit the 9/11 conspiracy theories. I suggest we all support them in their efforts to find out the real story from 4-29.

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(Photo from the Fark forums)