Friday Cartoon fun

I realize I’ve put this up before, but it’s too relevant to our discussions all week to pass up.

Via xkcd.

4 thoughts on “Friday Cartoon fun”

  1. Like your site, handy reference, will probably send some posts out to some of my wingnut friends to see if they recognize themselves.

    I hate to be pickey but after reading several posts I’d like to share saying I learned years ago: pi are square, pizza are round and data are plural. The kind attentions of my graduate advisor have proved more enduring than those of Sr. Mary Himmler since I gave up catholicism 45 years ago, but not the compulsion to correct ‘data is’. I also gave up proper spelling as you may have noticed since I’m sure there’s one in here somewhere.

  2. Very nice blog! I just noticed you guys in our referring logs and am pleased to add you to our blogroll. Feel free to email us for a link when you have posts relating to 9-11 or which elaborates on a theme we’ve blogged.

    Pat from Screw Loose Change

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