Denialists’ Deck of Cards: The Ace of Clubs, “Our Rights”

Allow me to jump ahead in the Denialists’ Deck of Cards, in light of Verizon’s claim that giving customer records to the National Security Agency is protected by the First Amendment:

“Communicating facts to the government is protected petitioning activity,” says the response, even when the communication of those facts would normally be illegal or would violate a company’s owner promises to its customers. Verizon argues that, if the EFF and other groups have concerns about customer call records, the only proper remedy “is to impose restrictions on the government, not on the speaker’s right to communicate.”

This is a great example of “Our Rights!”

i-61e1d912b04d64604016e05fe2aaa8a2-ac.jpg The denalist can almost always argue that any restriction on business activity is unconstitutional. After all, businesses were afforded many civil rights before women achieved suffrage.


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  1. +Liberty has a good article about the corporation’s free speech rights in this argument. It’s a little off-topic from what you’re discussing here, but a good article nonetheless.

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