A question for Luskin III

Gosh, they just can’t accept that no reputable science department wants an IDer around. They continue to push this academic freedom issue, when it’s perfectly acceptable to consider an applicant’s ideas when they are pursued intramurally, and can’t quite decide whether they want to make it a religious discrimination issue – risking admitting that ID is a theologic concept or actually looking to see if other Christians have had a problem at ISU.

So I think it’s time again to repeat my question for Luskin.

Mr. Luskin, is it the considered opinion of the DI, UD etc., that it is never acceptable to discriminate against a professor in a tenure decision based on their ideas?

Sorry to harp on it guys, but an answer would be of great interest.


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  1. Mark, its going to be at least 6-14 months before Luskin will respond to you. Took him over a year to ‘refute’ ‘The Republican War on Science’. Months to ‘refute’ an article Carl Zimmer wrote for Time. And now months and months after Zimmer responded to Luskin, Luskin has finally gotten around to responding to that.

    Luskin: Professional Lazy-Ass

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