I know I shouldn’t find this funny

It’s Ruthless Reviews coverage of the Creation Museum’s opening.

I’d just like to say that I don’t condone dressing up like a mentally disabled person before interviewing Ken Ham. And I don’t find it funny, at all, to mock somebody for their religion. Even if they think dinosaurs are vegetarian, they don’t deserve mockery from pill-popping investigative reporters going undercover with “Asperger’s by proxy”. I especially don’t find it funny that they created a fake website, the “Special Times”, to gain press access to the Creation Museum’s opening.

And this youtube video of the interview? Not an ounce of humor there.

Truly, Gonzo journalism isn’t dead.


  1. J-Dog

    I can’t decide if they are my hero, or I am pissed that I didn’t think of this first, and then go do it.

    I’ll just bet Dougie is happy as hell that the editor chose to do this story instead of an undercover expose of Ted Haggard!

    Hey! Maybe they can do a follow up to see if Ol’ Ted had REALLY Reformed and turned off Teh Gay! Won’t that be fun Dougie? Dougie?

  2. ChrisC

    Hunter S. is rolling in his grave…

  3. Don’t feel too bad for Ham or the rest of the group, their motives are entirely rooted in gaining attention/power [so far racking up tax fraud] not so much following their religious beliefs. incidentally, AIG and the australian branch of the ID movement are actually fighting each other in court. apparently the whole thing has to do with AIG not supporting the australian branch’s newsletter [a bit odd, weren’t they trying to spread their God’s word instead of fighting?]

  4. LOL. I felt so uncomfortable watching this video, yet I couldn’t look away. Very funny stuff. I almost felt for Ken Ham, almost.

  5. Reading the Ruthless Reviews page made me feel like Hunter Thompson and Dr. Gonzo crashed the museum! Great writing. Bravo!

  6. Graculus

    Oh goody, it’s the Buffalo Beast.

    Do read the archives, the “50 Most Loathsome Americans of 2006” is a classic.

  7. Louis

    I find this despiacble. Using the opening of the creationist museum as an opportunity to mock that poor, deluded mentally retarded chap is a travesty. The guy in the wheelchair came off good though. 😉


  8. Actually, most of the atheist…er, science…sites like PZ Myers propagand…uh, blog…find this hilarious.

    Why not? The fit survive, the weak perish.

  9. Nostradumbass

    I actually thought this was not very funny. I wanted it to be but it was just a stupid ploy. Ham actually handled those idiots better than I would have. Ham is a fraud and and liar, but if I were not already aware of that, if I were not well versed in biology and science, the above clip would certainly have made Ham look a hell of a lot more dignified and intelligent than his detractors resorting to retard jokes. Weak.

  10. I know I shouldn’t feed the troll, but I can’t resist.


    How is it that an abstract entity like a website can find anything hilarious? Are we in the age of html intelligence?

    Secondly, can you find the post where PZ linked at all, approvingly or otherwise, to the Ruthless Reviews page in question?

  11. Ubu Walker

    Not funny at all…

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