The New Animal Rights Tactic to Suppress Research – lawsuits

Janet points us to this AP article about how the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine –aka PETA pretending to be doctors (less than 5% of them are actually doctors) – is now suing UCSF over reported violations of the animal welfare act.

I’m sure this is as noble as their attempts to smear McDonalds, or sue the dairy industry or their lawsuits against fastfood chains for serving “carcinogenic” grilled foods, or calling school lunches weapons of mass destruction for containing meat, and on and on.

Does anyone think this is a legitimate attempt to foster reform at UCSF (which was already fined and re-audited by the USDA for the violations) or is it just another sleazy attempt to make basic research more expensive and onerous to discourage the use of animals?

Given their history of lying, smearing, misrepresenting themselves, aligning themselves with terrorist organizations like SHAC, etc., I suspect the latter.