Mike Adams Crank Magnetism – now it’s the Secret!

As if I needed more evidence for the phenomenon of crank magnetism, Mike Adams has a post on the Nutrition behind the Secret.

Apparently, the secret to the Secret is Mike Adams nutritional advice.

Few people really know one of the most important secrets to making “The Secret” work: Establishing the right nutrition and dietary habits that clear your nervous system and allow intention to flow.

In this article, I’ll share some of the best nutritional secrets about The Secret, covering:

1) Foods and substances that interfere with the power of your intention.

2) Foods and substances that enhance the power of your intention.

Ahh yes. Diet advice from a guy who thinks that microwaves nuke nutrients and denies the link between HIV and AIDS (people with HIV need vitamins not HAART!). Let’s see what impossible heights of stupid can be accomplished through the combination of Mike Adams’ paranoid ramblings and the new age crankery that is the Secret.

The power of intention (i.e. the Law of Attraction) only works when you have a clear, healthy nervous system that’s free from distortion. Invoking the power of intention is a lot like broadcasting a message from a radio tower, and your nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves, etc.) are the transmission tissues.

A radio tower only works well when it has sufficient electricity, clarity and symmetry. It also can’t be gunked up with interfering signals or overriding disturbances. Your own nervous system is the same: For it to function well, it must be free of distortion and operating at peak performance. The following items greatly interfere with healthy nervous system function and therefore inhibit your power of intention:

Uh oh, he already sounds like Michael Egnor, I wonder if Uncommon Descent will start promoting the Secret next? They both have the same love of idiotic analogies.

So what causes interference with the Secret signals? Red Meat(“You simply can’t be a highly spiritual person if you’re consuming angry cow meats and altered dairy fats!” – really he wrote this), alcohol and drugs, television (“Watching television fills your mind with false messages, clouding your mind with ideas that distort reality and impair your ability to connect with the universe.” – from Adams this is hysterical), processed foods, fragrance products(“These include most shampoos, laundry detergents, dryer sheets, soaps, perfumes, cosmetics, deodorants, skin creams and other similar products.”), processed sugar and aspartame.

Thank Jebus! I’m safe! I use all those things. Phew. I’m safe from the Secret. What does Adams recommend to aid your powers of intention? Raw foods (big surprise), vegetarian foods, personal integrity (bad news for Adams), clean water, microalgae superfoods (they “cleanse” your liver), healthy oils and berries.

He even seems to nod towards mercury crankery:

By the way, the best cleansing products I’ve ever found at available at www.BaselineNutritionals.com (look for the Liver Tincture and the cilantro-based anti-mercury tincture).

And then tells us to avoid “vampire people”. People who drain your energy like Goths or something. I might agree with that. Everything else? Not so much.