Please KQED, Stop it with the Bogusity

Where does one start with this?

bogusitySome bald dude who lives in Maui and talks about ancient Chinese texts and gives advice on “The Power of Intention” belongs in a strip mall, not on PBS.

Looks like the PBS Ombudsman has commented on objections to Dr. Wayne Dyer (PBS can’t say his name, not once, without prefacing it with Dr.) in the past, in the way that ineffectual ones always do–by simply restating individuals’ objections. Yes, I heard you. You said X. Congratulations. Sincerely, the Ombudsman.

What’s most annoying about this is that it must work. Loopy Californians must watch this guy, like him, and donate. All one needs to say is “Eastern Wisdom” here and brains stop working and pocketbooks open!

What’s next for PBS? Are they going to sell crystals?