Turdblossom quits

Karl Rove quits.

I wonder what this means? This administration has so little transparency one always feels like interpreting their actions is like trying to read tea leaves. Does this mean they realize Karl Rove’s advice isn’t pulling Bush out of his terrible approval ratings? Is Rove trying to avoid going down with a sinking ship? Is it to avoid trouble with congressional subpoenas over the AG firings?


  1. All of the above: Rove knows Bush is a lame duck and Rove an do more ‘good’ elsewhere. They did what they want with bush, and driving it into the ground is now part of the process. And it’s after they tested the waters about how much they can avoid subpoenas; they stated with a flunkie, moved up to miers and Abu-G, and once it seemed safe, Rove.

    Rove will be off working towards a GOP comeback in 2012, after the passing the disasterous state of the ship of state on to the Dems in 2008.

  2. Rose Colored Glasses

    I think it’s a matter of ‘my work here is done’. The Rovian Revolution is proceeding apace. Every day in every way every part of the government is being further corrupted into becoming a political arm of the GOP.

  3. I don’t think Rove’s departure will matter at all. Bush will still have him on speed dial; he just won’t be in Washington anymore. It’s like Bill Gates stepping down from Microsoft’s presidency a few years back — yeah, Steve Ballmer’s the man with the title, but Gates is still chairman of the board, and does anyone really believe that someone with that much of a personal investment in the company he founded has really stepped back from the reins in anything except title?

  4. Is Rove trying to avoid going down with a sinking ship?

    Rats! You should have mentioned rats!


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