Mice and Research

There’s a nice little article in the Washington Post on mice in research. It’s interesting the things you learn from a piece like this. For instance, I never realized the origin of the black 6 line was from essentially a hobby breeder in New England. I also like the little slide show of various mouse strains. I recognize most of them, in particular, the ob/ob obese mouse (he’s easy to pick out).

i-6315705b5f607d317e93ffaa1c5255f2-obese mouse.jpg

Light stuff but interesting for those who do mouse work. And I couldn’t resist making an lolmouse:


  1. It’s Fatmouse!

    Run for the hills!

  2. Craig Reed

    It would be informative to know the specifics about the various mice strains in the Washington Post Article. Inquiring minds want to *know* . . . .

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