Making Scienceblogs More International

I thought I’d survey the readership for some ideas on how to make Denialism Blog more interesting and accessible to an international readership. One of the goals of the Scienceblogs’ mothership Seed is to expand and get the whole world interested in scientific literacy as well as our little community and I realize that my topic is a little US-centric. However, I doubt that denialism is necessarily more prevalent in the US. For instance, the recent influence of HIV/AIDS denialism in Thabo Mbeki’s South African government is of particular concern (see Nick’s excellent overview of the problem).

So, what are some examples of denialism on the international level that the denialism blog should cover? What types of stories should we cover to get the message out on a broader level that the methods of subverting science are almost always the same? What kind of denialism is going on in your neck of the woods that you think needs more attention?

Consider it an open thread – tell us about the cranks, quacks and denialists in your backyard.