How Dare They!

Denyse O’Leary points us to an upcoming criticism of the New York Times from the crank journal First Things. Their great sin? Allowing Dawkins, a critic of Behe, to review his latest book.

He notes the curious fact that the Times should never have given the book to Dawkins to review anyway, without giving Behe the right of reply (which it would never dare to do):

You see, it’s only OK for critics to review their opponents when Behe does it for Time. How dare the New York Times allow Dawkins to then say something about Behe’s work?

Then in yet another example of the ID cranks’ stunning lack of insight, she accuses “Darwinism” of being the Enron of biology. If peer-reviewed publications are the currency of science, is it ID or evolutionary science that is spending money it doesn’t have?