A cartoon summary of the Denialist Deck of Cards

PZ has found this wonderful cartoon that I think sums up the problem nicely.

Danae should go to work for AEI or Cato!


  1. I read that cartoon every day! It’s definitely one of the best on the net (that I’ve come across). The one for today is a followup of the one you posted and is just as good.

  2. mel prevacker

    Re: surgeons !
    Med students may not have enough respect for the darker side of physicians. Ridicule in any form, even polite, can result in punishment that may never be traced to the origin. Hopefully, he is using a pseudonym, to avoid that problem? I was taught that lesson “in Spades” when I reported the gross negligence of some doctors- which resulted in the cardiac arrest (and unknown amount of brain damage) of a healthy 16y/o boy who was being prepped for a “hydrocoele repair”. My punishment was NOT related to my report, it came a little later, for other “good” reasons (which exist for each and every student! if someone wants to use them).

    – Mel

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