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So nothing special for today, I’m too busy with meatworld, but you might enjoy these two links:

Teen sex has been wronged by a puritanical society – it appears teens who have sex earlier are less likely to become delinquents (however I suspect it ignores that they are also more likely to get knocked up). This makes sense to me though. Why bother with drugs, crime, and other delinquent behavior when you’ve got sex?

Second we have news that Chiropracters might also be useless for back pain. Ouch, now that hurts. The last thing left to chiropractors that seemed to have any validity (subluxation as a cause of disease certainly doesn’t) might be lost to them. Also, check out the defensive explanation from the British Chiropractor – sound familiar?


  1. I have to admit, I’ve found chiropractors very useful when my lower back locks up on me. Granted, I’m talking about NORMAL chiropractors not the full blown nuts that think they can heal cancer by popping your back. We have one of those types here too. He runs a “wellness center” that tries to get people to sign up for “treatments” for a full year. He does everything from the organic diet stuff to the “laying on of hands” and praying over his suckers, er, I mean patients. He’s a nut.

  2. Man, I thought I had the whole abstinence-only craziness understood, but I honestly didn’t realise that it involved the idea that there is a direct, causal link between early sexual activity and “delinquency”. I mean, what the hell? How would that work? My mind is boggled!

    Every time you think you’ve plumbed the depths of crazy, someone has to go and surprise you…

  3. Don’t worry, chiropractors still have tension headaches last I checked. Of course, due to the nature of the beast, it’s pretty hard to pick that one out from a placebo effect…

  4. Whew! Thanks! Maybe now I can start replying to all those Hot Teen Sluts that want to have sex with me and send me emails every day!

  5. Pseudonym

    So apart from removing the evil subluxations, what do chiropractors that physiotherapists or even massage therapists don’t do?

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