HIV/AIDS denialism is deadly – The sick bastards have another victim

If anyone has been deluded into thinking HIV/AIDS denialism isn’t dangerous or deadly, all one has to do is look at the fruits of their labor on the AIDS myth exposed message boards. Their latest monstrosity is to convince an HIV positive mother to refuse medical care and testing for her and her child. Momma2girls82 writes on their message board about becoming a denialist and asking for help from the denialist community:

So I’ve always been one to go ‘against the grain’. I firmly believe that one should question everything they are told ‘just is’ and determine their own beliefs based on their own research. And so here I am, questioning, learning everything I can because my life (or quality thereof) and that of my husband and children truly depends on it.

It seems so…. EASY to just believe HIV doesn’t really exist. I’ve just essentially been told that I have a fatal disease and that I will certainly die, quite possibly along with my beloved infant. Having that hanging over my head may likely cloud my judgment. I want desperately to really believe that this really is all a myth, but I’m afraid it’s just that I’m really seeking a feasible source for denial. Am I alone there – that this is all just too easy?

What I’ve come to understand is that the basic belief of a dissident is that HIV is in fact NOT the cause of an immune system debilitation that is killing people all around the world, but that HIV is just a form of antibodies found (naturally or otherwise) in some people but is not actually detrimental. The true cause of all the illness and immune deficiency is more likely caused by the toxins people are constantly bombarding their bodies with. So if everyone in the entire world ate healthful diets consisting of whole, raw foods, we would find that no one died of AIDS. Am I getting this right?

For those of you who are “positive” – do you ever question yourself and ask yourself “what if I’m wrong?” What if HIV really does exist, really does cause AIDS, and without medication, you might die? Are there some of you out there that truly believe, without any doubt, that you are right? Does just reading other people’s stories about ‘feeling better than ever before’ even with a t4 count of like, 25, convince you that this is all really true? What did it take to really convince you?

As for where I’m at right now… we are avoiding speaking to anyone except those from dissident groups until we can really get a good grasp on this incredible amount of information. I intend to learn quickly how to eat a truly healthful diet – my husband was raised on whole/raw foods so he’ll be a good resource – and I will make the necessary changes to ensure my family is getting the right foods. I have told my friend that was going to be tested tomorrow not to go, though I’m afraid she will anyway. I’ve ordered Stephen Allen’s video, I intend to speak with Christine [-ed Maggiore] as soon as possible, and order a copy of her book as well. I’m nursing my baby and have no plans to stop as of yet.

True to form, the denialists reassure her that her gross negligence is the correct course of action. They feed her the standard lies that they always do about the tests, safety of HAART, etc. Their replies are the same mixture of total nonsense and biological mumbo jumbo you always see from these cranks.

The truth is testing during pregnancy is perfectly accurate, antiretrovirals extend life and decrease the probability of maternal transmission to children, and since she got a confirmatory result this is no fluke.

The worst part is this woman is HIV positive and is breastfeeding her child which will increase the risk of the child acquiring HIV (studies have shown about 11% transmission, as high as 15% if breastfeeding is extended to the second year, and this is worsened by her refusal to take anti-retrovirals). It is not recommended for HIV + women to breastfeed children when viable alternatives exist, and the denialists are encouraging her to do so anyway – this is telling her to risk her child’s life for no good reason.

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One should note one of the initial commenters is “RebeccaVeronica”, which is an interesting psuedonym considering those are the first two names of well known HIV/AIDS denialist Rebecca Veronica Culshaw. Sadly, the University of Texas at Tyler still tolerates the presence of this pseudoscientist on their faculty. “Rebecca Veronica” writes:

Regarding breastfeeding, you should know that even among the “orthodoxy”, there is very little agreement as to the efficiency of hiv transmission by this route (or even if it occurs at all – if you want hard references you might contact David Crowe of Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society, he has a wealth of knowledge on this particular issue). Most sources say it happens “rarely” – regardless I know you are aware that the benefits of breastfeeding are enormous.

This is total nonsense. Breastfeeding causes HIV transmission at rates as high as 15% and is responsible for as many as half of all infant HIV infections worldwide. It is only recommended in locations in which there is no viable alternative, and in the US there are viable alternatives which could save her child’s life.

They’re also encouraging her to avoid talking to the CDC, refuse to treat her child, and put her in touch with Christine Maggiore – whose own HIV-positive daughter died of PCP pneumonia when Maggiore refused to test or treat her for HIV.

The behavior of the HIV/AIDS denialists is monstrous. The result of their advice to this woman may very well be the death of her and her child (they may join the ranks of other HIV/AIDS denialists who died of AIDS). There is no question, HIV/AIDS denialism is deadly. Sadly there is very little one can do in this instance. The woman is anonymous, and there is no reasoning with these people. I am left feeling helpless as the HIV/AIDS denialists claim another victim with their aggressive ignorance.

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