I’m Jealous of Minnesota

You guys are so damn lucky. I want Al Franken to run in my state. That race is going to be a total blast. Not to say a showdown in Virginia between Mark Warner and one of the incompetent former Republican governors that bankrupted the state in the last decade won’t be entertaining, but a Franken run raises it to a new level.

I was shocked by this one statement in the article however:

“To think of him as a United States senator almost boggles anyone’s imagination,” said Ron Carey, the chairman of the state’s Republican Party. “So much of what he has said is vile and offensive — you can’t even quote it. I look at his words and that’s not how Minnesotans talk, not even in private conversation. His vile bomb throwing is so non-Minnesotan; he must have left his Minnesota roots in Hollywood and New York.”

Really? That’s the best they can do in a state that previously elected Jesse Ventura governor? Suggest the bogeyman of “Hollywood”?

And maybe I’m not familiar enough with the entire tome of Franken’s public statements, but has he really said so many things that are so foul they can’t even be quoted? Seriously I’m asking. Quote these horrific statements in my comments. My impression of Franken is that he’s actually quite judicious in his choice of words. He might be forceful, or call people “fat idiots”, but since that line is quoted in the article, what is it we’re missing that can’t be quoted? I smell slander.