If I find out about your study on Uncommon Descent first, it’s a bad sign

I want to point out two things about the anti-consensus report the anti-AGW denialists are spreading as if it is an actual scientific document. For one, if the first place I read about it is when it’s promoted on Uncommon Descent, you immediately lose about 99.9% of your credibility. I’d be a little embarassed if my staunchest allies were people who historically denied the link between cigarettes and cancer – like Milloy and Singer – or those who deny evolutionary science – like the cranks at UD. Maybe they need to stop, try developing some insight into why this is happening, and maybe realize the magnetism of other obvious cranks to their ideas is what is known as a bad sign.

But hey, that’s not reason in itself to reject this latest nonsense from Senator Inhofe out of hand. Nor is his recent announcement he’s proud to be referred to as a holocaust denier. The best reason to reject this nonsense immediately is that they couldn’t even break 400 signatures.

Hell, even the IDers can get 700 signatures of other cranks that deny evolution. The global warming denialists barely broke 400, and we’re supposed to be impressed?

The list and promoters in from the EPW link is a who’s who of climate crankery. Everyone from Lindzen, to Motl, to Singer, to the AEI is prominently cited. As usual, none of these people have any actual expertise in this field. They should start writing for JPANDS next to expand their portfolio of denier papers, and send their nonsense to Uncommon Descent’s list of scientists who deny evolution. I guarantee they’ll double their numbers within a week, if there isn’t already significant overlap.

* Update * Joseph Romm takes apart the report and the so-called scientists that super-crank Inhofe has gathered to pad his report. I salute his efforts, but like I say, all you had to do is look at the purveyors of the nonsense and save yourself some time.