Science Debate 2008


Having been busy and a bit out of the loop for the past month, I think it’s time I stop and point out what a great job Chris Mooney and other have done in generating a real movement behind making this happen. In particular note the supportive essay from the Editor-in-Chief of Science and the addition of the AAAS to the list of supporters that we’ve seen in the last week.

This is a gratifying turn of events because it shows me a few things. For one, I think it shows blogs like the Scienceblogs can make a huge difference in the real world. Second it shows that enough people care about science to make it a priority in this election.

So often in the last decade the reins of power have been in the hands of rank ideologues or outright denialists who reject science, rationality, and reason, and the results have been disastrous. The reason I have supported this effort from the start is that I believe that whatever the implementation of such a debate, the real victory is making people who value science a constituency that must be courted and respected. It’s about acknowledging the importance of science not just as a critical part of our country’s R&D and infrastructure, but as an enterprise that can inform and improve all aspects of government.

So, a big salute to Chris and the others for all their hard work. I’m impressed, and wish time had allowed me to do more (I’m still doing what I can).