Things that suck about medical school

My least favorite thing? Being constantly ill. Of the eight weeks or so I’ve been back, I’ve been sick for about four of them. I managed to get by the first three or four weeks cold-free through neurotic hand-washing before the current cold circulating the hospital got a whack at me.

It was a pretty obnoxious cold and I still was just getting over it when I got hit by this second cold, a gift, I believe, from a friend working on a pediatrics rotation. This one actually floored me with a fever of over 101 and now I’m finally coming down below a hundred. And you know what the real pathetic thing is? I wish these things would hit me over the weekend so I don’t have to miss school.


  1. Another Anonymous Poster

    That sounds like what I had. Sorry I gave it to you.

  2. Wait until you do peds, or any outpatient medicine, especially in the winter…

    Get used to drinking tea and chicken soup.

    My patients always ask me, “How do you manage to stay healthy?” The answer: “I don’t!”

  3. That’s ok. I’m surprised is all, I thought I had done a good job avoiding you. How did L avoid it?

  4. I hear that Airborne stuff is good, you should try that.

  5. Adrian

    This is why exactly I’m studying computer engineering instead of medicine. Electrons don’t bleed, and they can’t give me colds!

  6. the endemic flu have been surrounding us for the last 4 weeks. most of my frens were asked to go back to dorm during our neurology class (even a slight sneeze!), the patient complained of students bringing the bacteria to the ward. omg!

  7. That’s probably one of the other reasons I choose Info Sci as opposed to Medicine. Computers can’t infect you, oh they can cut you, but they can’t infect you.

    But I always wondered what the rates of adenovirus etc. are in hospitals versus the outside world. Now I’m getting a small view of that picture.

  8. As an immunologist, I have an immune system superior to yours. As a cardiologist, I am sure your heart is better.

  9. T. Bruce McNeely

    As a pathologist, I am the most dead.


  10. Pat Muller

    At least a doctor only has to see the sick patient for a little while a day. Teachers are around the students all day when working parents send them to school for lack of daycare. I never get sick, my secret, healthy eating and medical ozone.

  11. Hey – I’ve been sick all week too. I’ll jump on the bandwagon here and blame Another Anonymous as well. That or it was my students. Pat is right – they’re foul, germ-ridden creatures who seem to sneeze on every assignment.

  12. Another Anoynmous Poster

    Hey La PH, I had nothing to do with your sickness. And I certainly didn’t catch this from a patient, because I try not to touch them. I just stand in the doorway and ask them to feel for any masses in their own bellies.

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