Vox Day’s New Low

I love a crank that you only have to quote to utterly humiliate. From the guy who brought the logic of the Third Reich to bear on the immigration issue we have this thoughtful analysis of the real threat to science:

As I have demonstrated in “The Irrational Atheist,” religion is not a threat to any aspect of science: It does not threaten the knowledge base, it does not threaten the method and it does not threaten the profession. It never has.

But this is not to say there is not a genuine threat to all three aspects of science today. Unsurprisingly, it comes from the same force that is the primary threat to the survival of Western civilization: female equalitarianism.

The idea of biology classes being taught by lesbian professors who believe that heterosexual procreation is a myth or calculus courses being taught by women who can’t do long division may sound impossible today, but tell that to any software developer, and he’ll be able to provide you with plenty of current examples of computer science engineers, some with advanced CS degrees, who have no idea how to even begin writing a computer program.

Women love education; it’s the actual application they don’t particularly like. Whereas the first thought of a woman who enjoys the idea of painting is to take an art appreciation class, a similarly interested man is more likely to just pick up a paintbrush and paint something – usually a naked woman.

It is written that “women ruin everything”; having destroyed the liberal arts, the classics and the pseudo-sciences, it is now abundantly clear that the more rigorous sciences are next on the equalitarians’ destructive agenda. And so, in the not-too-distant future, two plus two will finally be determined to equal five if a women feels that it should, or at least it will as long as she happens to feel that way.

Wow. This guy really hates women. I mean, really hates them. Does anyone think this is too far even for the WorldNutDaily? Basically a screed calling all women stupid?

Women make great scientists, and I’m tired of these creationist idiots lecturing us on what is needed in the field they don’t even believe in. Especially if it’s just sexist garbage that is so out of place in this century even the WorldNutDaily should be deeply ashamed.

I can’t wait to see the little bigot try to explain away this latest insight into his small-mindedness.

Thanks to Ed.

* Update *

I’ll point out right on the heels of Vox days seemingly insane rant against women this turd of a satirical piece by Mike S. Adams at Townhall:

when they aren’t attending masturbation workshops and orgasm awareness festivals on unc campuses, our feminist “scholars” are usually thinking of new words to ban in order to make womyn feel more comfortable in the workplace. recently, one of the sociologists at unc-wilmington actually banned the use of the term “mankind” because of its “sexist” overtones.

having recently been named as a defendant in a lawsuit alleging first amendment retaliation, dr. (name deleted to ensure maximum comfort) still seems undeterred. but i write today, not for the purpose of ridiculing this seemingly outlandish feminist censorship. in fact, i’ve decided to join in with some new class rules i’ll use from now on (but not NOW on).

1. all capital letters will be banned. for some feminists, capital letters are a reminder of an erect penis. so, from now on, all my class correspondence will have erectile dysfunction.

The conservative movement has a problem with hating women that is pervasive. I don’t believe Vox day is exceptional, just exceptionally stupid for saying what he thinks out loud. After all, are these two pieces really that different? I think the only difference is that Adams was smart enough to only castigate the bogey-(wo)man feminists while Vox said what they really think. Women have no place in positions of authority or power.