Please Welcome PalMD

Everyone please welcome PalMD of WhiteCoatUnderGround.

I’ve been enjoying his writing for quite some time and think that he gets what the mission of denialism blog is all about.

He has of course introduced himself, and I think in just a few posts you’ll see why he’s a wonderful asset to the sb team.


  1. What a great addition! I love PalMD’s writing.

    PalMD, does this mean that I can remove your 123 meme tag from my to-do list?

  2. mayhempix

    Here it is again..


    YouTube is becoming the WooTube and we need all the help we can get against ignorance charlatans and hucksters.

    Posted by: mayhempix | March 20, 2008 6:40 PM

  3. Great to see you at your new blog PalMD. Looking forward to see your contributions here.

  4. And so the great PalMD’s influence grows ever larger; well done.

  5. The conspiracy widens again, eh?

    Your precious “truth” is a malignancy eating away the delicate lies we weave to keep ourselves SAFE!

    Have ye no shame?


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