You say pranic, I say panic–let’s call the whole thing off

I was thinking about poor Orac and his death crud, so I thought I’d do a little research for him.

I did a quick google search for holistic healing (call a doctor? Are you kidding?) and immediately found my answer–Pranic Healing.

First, I gotta tell you, it’s a deal–a steal, really–because you get knowledge, and no one can take that away from you. I mean, penicillin, you take it, you’re cured, and that’s it–nothing left, just “wham bam thank you ma’am”.

The Level One class is under $400.00. Compared to the expense of a doctors visit (about $80.00), and some online research from reputable medical sites (free), it’s, well–I’m crying, really.

Let’s look at the course description. Starting at the bottom:

This course is intended for Energy Healers, Physicians, Nurses, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, or anyone interested in a safe and powerful energetic healing system.

Basically, anyone can take the class, as long as they are interested in a “safe and powerful energetic healing system.” What in the world?

Reduce Stress — Support Physical and Emotional Healing
The Pranic Healing Level 1 class teaches energetic scanning to balance the chakra system for healing simple and complex illnesses. A person’s energy field holds the template for the physical body. When the chakras in the energy field are balanced, the physical body is healthy.

MCKS Pranic Healing is taught directly and succinctly so that anyone, with or without energy training, or previous knowledge of energy healing can effect and support healing for oneself and for others.

Sweeping and energizing are taught as powerful healing techniques.

Energies are taught to be directed with intention.

Protocols are provided for healing many specific ailments from simple headaches to chronic disorders.

Learn distance healing and energetic hygiene.

Lovely, just lovely. Sounds so–weird.

Pranic Healing is an advanced form of energy medicine based on energy centers lying along the major acupuncture meridians.

So, to summarize, this is a “healing modality” based on ayurvedic ideas (chakras), and acupuncture meridians. Both ideas are complete bullshit. Recent studies have invalidated the already bizarre theory of acupuncture meridians, and ayurvedic medicine is just another untested, unproven “alternative” to real medicine.

So, should you take a class in Pranic Medicine? It seems obvious from where I sit, and I hope you feel a little closer to the answer.


  1. Aren’t you worried that Orac will steal this and put it up as this week’s Friday Dose of Woo?

  2. Why do you think I put the influenza in his scotch?

  3. eleanor

    But I thought “pryanik” is Slavic for cookie? Cookie healing? My mom always gave me milk & cookies when I was sick. What’s so bad about that?

  4. Why do you think I put the influenza in his scotch?

    Hah! I don’t drink Scotch!

    Hey, wait a minute. Then why am I sick? Come to think of it, if Pranic Healing is so great, why am I still sick?

    As for stealing this for Your Friday Dose of Woo, at the moment I’m not sure there’ll be a Dose of Woo tomorrow. Although I do feel considerably better today, in my present state it would nonetheless be very difficult to achieve the correct light-heartedly irreverent tone that is traditional for YFDoW. On the other hand, given the mucus-stuffed sinuses and hacking cough that still torment me, it would be quite easy to muster the righteous not-so-Respectful Insolence necessary for a vicious slapdown of an antivaccinationist.

    Oh, wait, I’ve just been informed that David Kirby has posted a new article to the Huffington Post…

  5. Damn you for picking it up so fast!

  6. I’m too late, Pal, I think you may have triggered an Orac Pranic attack.

  7. Damn you for picking it up so fast!

    I couldn’t avoid it if I wanted to. Whenever Kirby posts some new idiocy, I get e-mails.

  8. student_b

    I couldn’t avoid it if I wanted to. Whenever Kirby posts some new idiocy, I get e-mails.

    No, I’m disappointed. 🙁

    I’ve thought you get the secret woo signal via projecting-on-the-clouds messaging. Now, don’t tell me that the Orac-cave is just a legend too. ;(

  9. Pit. Not cave or cavern. Pit. The Orac Pit. Besides Oracs, contains the Demons of Woo, assorted zombies, and worse of all, the Nisbets of Silence.

  10. You forgot the Hitler Zombie.

  11. Rillion

    Man, i sorry to tell but i think you should make a more profound research. Everything that you have just said have already been researched and the level of the proofs are far away beyond of what u think it is, everything scientific prooved.
    Read this

    And then read about a scientific proof of a thinner layer of the physical body that is created because of the metabolization process. Its very interesting.

    Dont have any prejudices and i dont choose what satisfies you most, you should only know the truth behind health issues so you and your patientes can have a better life, i sometimes not just taking pills, but trying something different.

    About Pranic Healing, you really dont know what u are talking about. There is a Surgeon Doctor that he actually uses Pranic Healing, and he wrote a book that is called ” Your Hands can Heal You” i think is doctor Eric Robbins.

    So, thats it. Unfortunetly im not coming back here, and i dont even gonna come here to see the anwser but u have my email. Anyway that is a lot of scientific research baout the unseen world and the effects of the thoughts in human body.

    PS: Tha chakra system is not from ayuerveda medicine, the use other system call pitta vata kapha.

    Im telling u that because since that you are a doctor , i hope that u do your best to save peoples lives and not to get rich or considered yourself the king of the truth.

    Have a great life and know that we are all ignorants, but we can always learn something more.

    Peace man

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