Finally Free

At long last I have finished my surgical requirements. After 12 weeks of nonstop surgery rotations, despite enjoying it thoroughly, I’m ready to try something else for a while. Or at least I’m looking forward to waking up at 6AM rather than 4AM for a few months. It seems like such a small difference, but it’s literally the difference between night and day. Especially during the winter, starting at 5 on the wards and finishing usually well after dark, you begin to wonder if you’ll see the sun again. Being able to walk into work when it’s actually light out is very appealing.

My traffic has, of course, slowed. But I’ve still been thinking about good topics to write about this whole time. At the end of most days I’ve just been passing out rather than taking the time to mock crankery. Now I think my schedule will be a little more amenable to extramural writing, I have a backlog of things to discuss, and the first thing we’re going to be dealing with is this polling-based nonsense about ignoring denialism I’ve been hearing about lately. I’ll also talk some more about the fun things I’ve done, and if various people can avoid getting their panties in a bunch over little old me, I might be able to relate some more amusing things about medical education.


  1. Welcome back! Worst 3 months of my life, when I did it. You’ll be a whole new person (in a good way).

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