Autism cranks going after bloggers

It’s time to open up a can of Streisand. The author of the autism blog Neurodiversity, along with many other blogs and other online entities, has been subpoenaed to produce what amounts to her entire life to aid in some frivolous autism suit. The only thing they didn’t ask her to do was submit to a speculum exam (don’t get any ideas, bastards!).

This is truly outrageous. It is a clear attempt by a group of (forgive me, please PP) demented fucking wackaloons to intimidate a humble New Englander who enjoys writing.

Time to get the word out!

(Hat tip LizDitz)


Orac and others have pointed out that the lawyer involved is the real bad guy here. It’s hard to blame devastated parents, but this Clifford Shoemaker guy should be ashamed of himself.