A hint of sanity from McCain

John McCain has succumbed to sanity—or perhaps to political expediency. Either way, he has finally rejected the endorsement of Pastor John Hagee. If you’ll recall, Hagee is one of those wacko cult leaders on the right-hand side of the Evangelical movement (I hope). He hates Catholics, and thinks Jews are just great! (That is, if you think “great” means “responsible for their own near-extermination”, and “founding Israel so that they can hasten the return of Christ and be sucked into Hell at a later date.”)

I suppose I don’t really care what McCain’s motivation was for dumping Hagee—I’m just glad he did.


3 responses to “A hint of sanity from McCain”

  1. writzer

    Not so much sanity as political accessorizing. “Does this Hagee make my position look wacko?” “Does the Parsley go with my straight talk?” Whatever it takes to get the most ooohs and aaahs in November. “What firm conviction do I have to hold to get you to vote for me?”

  2. Kagehi

    Hmm. Oddly we don’t hear lots of people whining about it being too little too late, like with Obama and “his” association with a similar nut case… Wonder why (yeah, this is a rhetorical question)?

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