Think of it as a poll crash…

A new blogger out there stepped on the third rail. He’s a senior law student, blogging about social justice, progressive politics, etc., and he found out that David Kirby, the Minister of Propaganda for the mercury militia, is coming to speak at his school.

This nascent lawyer had the temerity to call him out, and ZOMG! Kirby took the bait and brought his addled-minded friends.

There seem to be a whole lot of folks over there in need of some larnin’. I s’pose it couldn’t hurt to see what’s getting Kirby all hot and bothered.


  1. It is truly amazing how quickly so many of them showed up. Like filings to a magnet.

  2. I did like this comment over there:

    Denialism Blog – amatures at best.

    I think it means you’re all childish.

    Awww, don’t cry at the mean and nasty man. he doesn’t mean it. Yes, we do love you. Come over here and have a hug.

  3. Brendan S

    Is it just me, or do many of the Anti-Vax denialists seem just one step below the timecube guy?

  4. Well you did push all of your “addled-minded friends” from this blog to the argument as well, making you no better then Kirby in that respect.

  5. Chuck:

    There’s nothing wrong about encouraging other people to swamp a blog, regardless of which side you’re rooting for. The only way to be “no better” than Kirby would be to ignore the science and rely on biased studies and anecdotal evidence.

  6. Anonymous

    What medical science aids ASD individuals that doesn’t cause weight gain and increse the risks of Type II diabetes?

  7. He’s not that new: we had him on Tangled Bank a month ago. He is good though, so we’ll let you off.

  8. Richard Eis

    I’m confused by the connection between anti-vax and chelation advocates. Since chelation is done all the time and vaccination is only done once or so then surely if the TOXINS were from there, the chelation would only be needed once.
    In other words, surely the need for constant chelation shows that it isn’t the vaccines at all. Or is this not a problem in fantasy land?

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