The economy, denialism, and perception

How bad is the economy?

Really fucking bad. My patients are losing their jobs, the restaurants are empty, businesses are shuttered, houses empty.

Really, really fucking bad.

What does the government have to say about it? Not so bad. Chill.

There are some good reasons for this. As the recent Indymac debacle shows, a statement from a politician can destroy a bank (although, to be fair, the bank was a dead man walking before Schumer’s letter came out).

So, when our leaders continue to downplay the economic disaster in this country, are they being denialists, or responsible public servants?

Probably both…

Look, IANAE (E=economist) so I won’t even pretend to understand the economic subtleties here, but there seem to be two brand of public servants here. There are self-serving politicians who helped create this mess and wish to downplay it—these are denialists. Then there are the responsible public servants who don’t wish to exacerbate the recession by playing it up. It make for tricky public policy. I don’t envy them.

But when I walk in to the most popular diners in the area and find a seat with my eyes closed, I worry. Thankfully, IANAP (p=politician).