Helpful hints for Creationist Cults

Answers Research Journal, the teleologic, Apologetic, unscientific screed put out by Answers in Genesis has so far done nothing resembling science. But I now have an idea for them, although I’m not sure if it’s been proposed.

So far, their “research” has taken the form of trying to find “facts” to fit their conclusions that the Bible is an inerrant science and history text. Well, here’s an idea for them. Since I’m not a biologist, it will ned some cleaning up.

Hypothesis: The Biblical Deluge occured at a certain time which is knowable from scripture. The events surrounding it is known from scripture. Therefore, scientific facts should confirm these events.

What is one of the singular biological events of the Flood? Two. By. Two. A small founder population of each species to repopulate the globe. If this in fact happened, it should be possible to do genomic analysis to show a founder that dates back to the year of the flood.

This is actual science. Either genetic history of extant species bears out this few thousand year old founder hypothesis, or it doesn’t.

Onward Christian scientists! Show us what ya’ got!