Hello? Disco Institute? Are you reading?

Perhaps I have delusions of grandeur, but after all, this is the (checking) 15th ranked science blog on teh intertubes. But despite my high profile, I’ve heard no responses to my challenge to the Creationism Cults.

Creation “science” to this point has been based on bizarre teleologic arguments and arguments from ignorance. I was kind enough to give them a real experiment to do.

If Creationism is true, the Deluge occurred at a know recent time and very small founder populations of animals are responsible for all life on Earth. Therefore, genomic analysis (mitochodrial, Y-chromosome, etc.) should be consistent with this hypothesis (if Creationsism is true).

C’mon! Where are you guys? Get to work!


  1. The “Disco Institute” is the ID flavour of creationism. I agree it is a form of creationism; in fact its pretty close to what you get from conventional creationism when you remove everything about the flood and age of the Earth, and (for the right audience at least) everything about God and the bible. It’s a carefully stripped down version in an attempt to sneak in past constitutional issues. It failed badly in that aim; the charade was exploded especially in Dover. But even so; it remains a stripped down version.

    The Disco Institute don’t propose recent small founder populations. Some individuals might; the institute tends to turn a blind eye to between young earth creationism and old earth creationism. But because this is NOT a part of their formal position, it’s invalid to challenge them about the deluge or about recent founder populations. Your challenge is off target.

  2. I’d toss the challenge to Andrew Schlafly but he isn’t exactly up to the task.

  3. Discovery Institute is well known for it’s deft ability to change the subject when challenged. That’s one thing that doesn’t evolve.

  4. These kinds of challenges to the religious factions do nothing for the cause. The standard answer is that experimental results are meaningless. If your experimental results contradict the Bible, then God made you get those results on purpose in order to test your faith. God put all those dinosaur skeletons in the ground when he created the world, and just made it so they look old.

  5. But doesn’t that make God out to be a bit of an Ass?

  6. I see you are unfamiliar with the Bible, PalMD…

  7. Posting under my new sym, Danimal formerly just Dan. Congratulations on being 15th ranked. PalMD, I know you had a lot to do with it. I enjoy your writing style and you are not as long winded as Orac. Like I said in a previous post on a different topic, if you were around here, I would be very happy to have you as my doctor. Lucky for you, you are not from around here (Baltimore), as I am not the best patient.

  8. Out of curiosity, if I was to accept your challenge on creationism and get a paper published in the AIG’s journal, how would that impact my future chances at tenure? Currently I am just a second semester graduate student, but one day I’d like to earn tenure at a swank university. I’d also like to have fun with this, but I fear that a tenure committee would look down at me doing this.

  9. Wise, if I am not mistaken (its a longshot, I know), AIG has an anonymous submission process so that the authors are not descriminated against for being stupid -errr, i mean creationists. They have instructions somewhere on their site, just remember the more you quote the xtain bible the more likely you are to get published.


  10. Wait, weren’t the wackos at ID the ones trying to come up with some screwy theory about how the earth cooled really really fast *after* the flood, so they could put that much fracking water on the planet without turning it into a stew pot that would have killed everything on the ship and rotted the wood away? Seems, if so, they have done a real good job of convincing Duae Quartunciae that such “research” never happened and therefor we shouldn’t challenge them on things like the deluge.. lol

    Seriously, these people believe the whole fracking idiocy, and have spent an absurd amount of time trying to find sciency explanations for how it can all have happened like the YEC say, while quietly sweeping what ever their last failure happened to be under the carpet, in the hopes no one will remember them babbling about underground water geysers, melting ice caps, rapid cooling and all the other insane BS they have tried to come up with to “explain” both where all the water came from, how it didn’t kill the ark occupants and where it went after. That’s kind of the point. They know damn well that, “God poofed it into happening!”, is pure bullshit, so they try to find some “natural” explanation for how God did it, which will let them argue that it did happen, and God sat in the back, pushing the, “Flood it”, “Cool it”, and “Suck all the water underground/evaporate it into space”, buttons.

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