If you read no other posts this week…

…you must at least read this one.

As first person histories go, this one is tops.


  1. The Blind Watchmaker

    Let’s play 6 Degrees of Bill Ayres!

  2. Wow, that was truly intense…

  3. Anonymous

    That was a cool post, and it shows how irrelevant the issue is, and how distortions take over in people’s minds.

    What matters is what people do, and in politics, what they advocate and what their political goals are. revere’s self-appointed position seemed to be the peace-movements answer to an Army doctor: be associated with one side, sure, but always identify yourself as a doctor doing the inherently apolitical job of emergency field medicine.

    We’ve all stood near some famous person and not known it, most likely – so that’s no big deal. I’m an aspiring musician, and one time I was in the room with herbie Hancock, who was on the other side of the room chatting with my music teacher. Later in the evening, when he performed, I realized I had missed my chance to introduce myself to Herbie Hancock – does that constitute “palling around” with Herbie – give me a break, please! Not mention that in 1968 I was 9 years old, and Obama is ypunger than me – so in all likelihood Obama’s mother was trying to get him to make sure he had his coat and hat and shoes on for second or third grade at school at the time he was supposedly “palling around” with the Weathermen. What a bunch of crock.

    Read down in the comments and find out how the Annenberg group that had Obama and Ayers in it also had a bunch of Reaganites – ever read that in the MSM?

    One commenter pointed out how these splinter groups are used by the intelligence community, which I thought was kind of revealing too.

    The point being that the truth is more complwex, and sometimes stranger, than the distorted simplifications we want to believe in so that we can have that satisfying experience of being righteous (I wonder if that triggers a dopamine response in our brains?).

  4. Denice Walter

    Great story! Truth be told,if anyone ever looked at my past in detail, some interesting “radicals” might pop up.Most of them were probably *just* student anti-war activists in the late ’60’s, early ’70’s,but one was *definitely* more…I know he had problems with the law because of it.BTW all of these people were my professors ,undergrad and grad.

  5. Virgil Samms

    If you read no other second person interview this week, you should read this one:
    Running from Hell

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