“Kennedy” is a name, not a qualification

I can’t cover this topic better than Orac; he’s the expert. I would like to suggest that you go read his post.

This is important. I voted for Obama. I believe that he is one of the brightest people we’ve every had the chance to vote for, and I think that after 8 years of open hostility to science, we have a chance to remove some of the politics from the issues that affect all of us.

But Obama has floated a lead balloon for the head of EPA. Robert Kennedy, Jr. is an anti-science wacko. He has drunk the Kool Aid (I know, Flav-R-Ade, stop correcting me!) of the anti-vaccine movement, and crankery is never isolated—it always carries over from one area to the next, as it indicates a flawed way of thinking. Read Orac’s post for specifics.

Building an administration is probably hard. Please, Mr. Obama, don’t get off on the wrong foot with science. Please?