“Kennedy” is a name, not a qualification

I can’t cover this topic better than Orac; he’s the expert. I would like to suggest that you go read his post.

This is important. I voted for Obama. I believe that he is one of the brightest people we’ve every had the chance to vote for, and I think that after 8 years of open hostility to science, we have a chance to remove some of the politics from the issues that affect all of us.

But Obama has floated a lead balloon for the head of EPA. Robert Kennedy, Jr. is an anti-science wacko. He has drunk the Kool Aid (I know, Flav-R-Ade, stop correcting me!) of the anti-vaccine movement, and crankery is never isolated—it always carries over from one area to the next, as it indicates a flawed way of thinking. Read Orac’s post for specifics.

Building an administration is probably hard. Please, Mr. Obama, don’t get off on the wrong foot with science. Please?


  1. OT (though believe me when I say I find the topic at hand interesting.

    Denmark is considering forcing unfit mothers to take contraception. Medical ethics time.

    Back on topic,

    I agree that Obama must not appoint this man head of EPA, but as I asked on Orac’s blog, and as I will ask again here: Somebody give me an address I can write to or something. What can we do to stop this? Another letter from Nobel Prize winners might work, but what else? Give me something to work with here.

  2. Søren Mors

    To The Chemist

    Denmark is considering no such thing. The article you are linking to is talking about the Netherlands.

  3. I suggest taking a more proactive role, as suggested on the Respectful Insolence blog:

    Contact the Obama transition team to tell them why Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a truly bad choice for any science-based government post

    I already sent in my two sense; I suggest anyone who cares to do the same.

    At least then, we can say, “Told ya so!”

  4. I suspect this is just the first in a long line of indicators that Obama is not quite what some of us thought we were getting. The man is not the second coming of Christ. Pro-Obama voters didn’t so much vote for him as vote against George Bush. If the Republicans had managed to put up a candidate with any ideas (or even charisma) at all, they would have won. Obama is long on rhetorical flourishes and short on substance.

    I predict Obama will be to the White House what David Dinkins was to Gracie Mansion: a short-timer.

  5. Reason Magazine: Michael C. Moynihan on RFKjr

    Kennedy is a well-know 2004 election conspiracy theorist who is under the impression that we are all being held hostage in fascist America. Ho-hum. So would you be surprised to learn that RFK II is also a Chavista? Of course not!

    Check out the video below to watch the Kook of Camelot argue in favor of the nationalization of oil companies and argue that Chavez is the “kind of leader my father and President Kennedy were looking for” in Latin America.

  6. Oh Sorry Søren, I always, always, always confuse the two in casual conversation. I was quite a thing to watch during the Danish Cartoon Controversy. What’s funny is: I know better, it’s a bizarre mental block I’ve got going.

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