Personalities, honor, and such

Let me start by saying that there is no “right” as such to anything on the internet. There is no blog law that allows for anonymity, etc. All we have are our evolving ethics, about which I recently wrote.

As the ongoing dispute over anonymity continues (and continues to make me uncomfortable, but not in a good way), there is one ethical aspect I must address.

There are three authors on this blog, and our writings largely compliment each other. When I decided to get HONcode certification for this blog, as I had on my old one, it was with the knowledge that with three separate writers, things could get tricky. I made it clear to my blogmates that HONcode certification is strictly voluntary.

Given that there seems to be some legitimate dispute as to whether this blog is holding to the HONcode prinicples, I have decided to remove the banner for now. This is not to say that I have abandoned the principles; I fully intend to keep them, but I do not wish to pretend that we are completely in compliance when in fact we may not be.

I do not think anyone on this site has violated the HONcode principles, but there is a sense developing that others think it could happen. For the code to mean anything, people must be willing to voluntarily give it up, and that is what I will do, temporarily, while this little imbroglio plays itself out.

That is all.