Link love, shameless promotion edition

ResearchBlogging.orgIf you’re not yet familiar with, you need to click the picture. It’s a blog-aggregator that pulls together posts about peer-reviewed research, and since the intersection of published research and blogging is getting a lot of play lately, this is a must-see.

In addition, Dave Munger is launching a new forum to discuss research blogging where yours truly will be a janitor moderator.

Next, I’ve started a new forum for the discussion of many of the issues seen in this space, at Science-Based Medicine, and any other interesting issues that come up. It’s set for moderated registration, as is the research bloggging forum, which simply means go there, register, and very shortly you will be in business, and you can have a few other places to waste your time online.

And speaking of Science-Based Medicine, I’ve loved this blog since it debuted, and I very fortunate to have been invited as a regular over there. You should be reading it regularly. It’s good for the brain.

Finally, ScienceOnline09 is fast approaching, and I will be moderating a session on beginning blogging and on anonymity online (along with Abel). If you are coming, or just interested in the topic, stop by the wiki and leave suggestions.

That is all.


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