Hi, Mom!

i-717d70581118215cee135ee2f56bf332-DSCN0336.jpgIt’s another cold, snowy day in Michigan, and while I was busy stamping out disease, PalMom was looking out her window at the snow. Perching on a branch was this beauty, which I believe to be a red-tailed hawk. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

i-d9e2e5cef17eb7e6f31c4699c88e5893-DSCN0337.jpgThis raptor is no dummy. There’s a bird feeder a few yards away, which, in addition to attracting the LBJs, also brings the little mammals.

i-22d03b3632ac9af14b27ab1b478ec176-DSCN0339.jpgApparently the LBJs aren’t too stupid either. There were none at the feeder while brother hawk was there, but according to PalDad, the hawk is now gone, and the birds have returned to their feast.