We’re closing in on the final moments. All the med students have gathered in the old med school auditorium at UVA. Per tradition, we all carry a dollar bill for a pool, with the last person to receive their envelope getting the pot (we get called randomly).
Results around 12, I’ll keep updating this post.

11:35 NBC 29 is here for their yearly match coverage. And the room is full of babies! A family event except for the covert drinking.

11:40 The dean is here with a sack of letters. Progress…. He says we’re the best class ever! Take that all you alumni!

11:45 One of our administrators is singing “matchmaker” to us. Ha!

11:50 I have envelope, received to polite clapping.

12:00 And the winner is… Wait… Crap they’re missing a letter. This will be a minute. Ok were good. General Surgery at Maryland!